Why Don’t Any Animals Have Wheels?

Sometimes, when I look at deer, I wonder to myself, “why don’t any animals have wheels?”

I remember that my husband and I had been in the country for a week and after we’d gotten back from our trip, he told me about this little shop that was about a half hour away from where we lived. He wanted to go there and look around. The owner of the store, Mr. Jones, had a nice collection of antiques.

We went there on Saturday and he showed us some of his things. Then he asked if we wanted to take him up on his offer of buying his stuff if we were interested. It was right around Christmas time, and it would be about $600.00 – we agreed.

We got in the car and headed back home. When we were almost halfway, my husband said, “Well, let’s stop off for a drink.” He opened up the glove box, pulled out a bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses. We pulled the car over and started drinking.

After a few minutes, he said, “Ok, lets just head on home. We’ll be on our way soon.”

As we drove, I told him how much I liked Mr. Jones’ things. My husband was very polite and he didn’t ask any questions.

When we got home, my husband went to his room and I sat down on the couch. After a while, my husband came into the living room and said, “I’m going upstairs to get ready for bed.”

I said, “Ok honey.” I kept playing my favorite XBox game on my computer. About fifteen minutes later, my husband came back downstairs, put on his pajamas, and left the house. As soon as he closed the door behind him, I got ready for bed.

My bed was a queen size, so when I sat down, I could stretch out comfortably. At some point, the lights were turned off and I fell asleep.

I woke up sometime later and heard water running. The sound woke me up and I looked around. There was a light coming from under the bathroom door and I noticed that the shower was still running.

Inside was my answer. The answer to my question, “Why don’t any animals have wheels?” In my shower was an animal with wheels.

A turtle! This was not a dream! I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

After getting out of the shower, I grabbed my towel and wrapped myself in it, then went over to the kitchen. I found some paper towels and wiped myself off. I took them to the bathroom and washed my hands again, then dried my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror, and the first thing that I saw was this:

I reached down and picked her up. I carried her over to the sink and put her down. What was I going to do with such a creature?

That was the day our lives changed forever. I would call our new friend “Turtle”.

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