“All music is folk music; I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” – Louis Armstrong


A short concept album

The Hunter’s Journals – Pale Harbour

I did the OST for a gamebook, available on Android:

“A coastal town is overrun by horrors, and only YOU can save it!

YOU are a hunter; a man or woman of wealth and leisure who has turned their time to fighting the fiendish monsters that assail humanity. Approached by the poor villagers of Pale Harbour, and informed that a terrible evil has arisen from the sea, can YOU unravel the mystery and drive back the beasts?”
Available on the Google Play store




AI stuff was moved to its own page: AI Music


One-offs and doodles

Since I can’t lug my production PC everywhere, I like to use Hookpad for doodling songs before I start work or on break. I pay for midi export but songs made on it rarely end up transitioning to FL – to me, even though they’re meant to be placeholders for “real” instruments, the sound of what I work with is too closely tied to the composition. It reminds me of midi or tracker production – options are limited so what I make comes out shaped to the environment.

I may come back and “finish” these but anyway, I think it’s an underrated bit of software for exploring pop music and theory in general.

You can buy a selection of these on my Bandcamp if you’d like to nudge me to make more. Most of what I’ve made is free because of licensing for samples – many are CC-By-NC. Ask in the comments and I’ll provide more info on a case-by-case basis.