About Float

Float Overblow is a human from Milwaukee WI. Here are some of the things I’ve been at various points in time:

  • Musician – electronic, particularly ambient and downtempo works in my own style; check out Music
  • Writer – fiction, particularly sci-fi and fantasy. Frequent NaNoWriMo loser
  • Programmer – FreeBasic, Java, C#, Python. JS if I feel like wanting death. Frequent project abandoner
  • Artist – various media, primarily ballpoint with digital alterations; check out Art
  • Skateboarder – I love skating, but I’m bad at it. Everyone should skate. Everyone. Why aren’t you skating?
  • Nerd – Everything is interesting. Doing stuff and learning is why we exist. People who say that they’d get drunk and die if they won the lottery are boring. Same for the ones that don’t want to live forever. What are you here for now, then?
  • Politically active – “No politics at the dinner table” was a rule invented to keep you disengaged, fatalistic, and apathetic. If you stop treating it like a sport you don’t want to follow you’ll do just fine this thanksgiving.
  • Student – AS Chemical Technology, MATC